Why is it Important to Learn from Failure?

Why is it Important to Learn From Failure?

Success is a positive outcome and failure is negative, right? You want to succeed, and you don’t want to fail. Why not? We learn from both success and failure, and one is as valuable as the other in different ways.

Failure, as I’ve mentioned in my book, F**K REGRET, isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you learn from it and continue to pursue your goals., Learning from failure is repeated so much that it’s become cliché, leading to a lot of people just blowing it off. They either continue on their own or quit what they’re doing and try something else. I have illustrated a few key points on why learning from failure is important.

Failing Forces You to Get Creative

If you’ve tried something only to fail miserably, you know how bad it can feel to fail in an area others found success. The positive side of failing is that it forces you to get creative before you try again. If your first attempt fails, you may need to come up with a new approach; maybe something nobody has tried before. Either way, doing so fosters creativity you will rely on again and again throughout your journey.

Failure Teaches You Who You Can Trust

Have you experienced failure because of the actions of someone else? Are you working with a friend or family member and fail because of their involvement? Unfortunately, just being close to someone won’t translate into success unless you’re sure they know what they’re doing and can be relied upon with the responsibility you are entrusting. Whether great or small, failure will teach you to be sure anyone you give responsibility to can be trusted to be competent and reliable in the future.

It Teaches You to Rely on Your Intuition

Intuition is that feeling in your gut that something is or isn’t right. Sometimes you feel it when you meet someone, other times you’ll feel it when you need to make a decision and something is telling you to pick one choice over the other. Your intuition is built from experience. Although logic plays a part, pay attention to what your intuition tells you – particularly when you fail. If you consistently act against your intuition and continue to fail in some area, you’ll soon learn the importance of finding another way of doing things.

Although there are more, these are three reasons learning from failure is critical to your success. Learning who you can and cannot trust early on in your venture is much better than learning later on when the stakes are higher. Forcing yourself to be creative will train you to look at problems from different angles, and trusting your intuition can save you from catastrophic consequences.

It takes time to develop the skills for success. What’s important is that you keep trying to matter what. You’ll get to where you’re going if you have the mindset and the skillset to achieve your dreams. Keep trying no matter how many times you fail—F**k Regret.


Tony Velasco Podcast Author and businessman, Tony Velasco, teaches the principles by which he built a multimillion-dollar business enterprise in his 20s. He lives in Valencia, CA with his wife, Allison. Tony believes that the prospect of losing is a part of growth, and greater than failure we should fear regret, in all things, at all costs.

His soon-to-be-released book, F**K Regret offers a step-by-step description of how the author executes every aspect of his daily life, how he was able to sustain the shutdown of gyms and other businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how he is rebuilding. Follow him on Instagram and at https://tonyvelasco.com