Hire Motivational Speaker Tony Velasco

Hire Motivational Speaker Tony Velasco:

Tony Velasco has proven popular as a panelist for a variety of business, health and fitness, and athletic associations. With over ten years of speaking experience, Tony is also extremely effective in engaging and inspiring a wide variety of audiences as the featured keynote speaker for athletes, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, schools, colleges, corporate events, and retreats.
Contact us to see if Tony Velasco, motivational speaker, author, and host of The Tony V. Project podcast, is available to speak at your event. From leadership, commitment and perseverance to overcoming obstacles, Tony’s speaking topics are personally customized for each engagement and are tailored to specific audience demographics as well as the host’s objectives. Tony’s speaking schedule generally books up three to six months in advance but local, Southern California based events can occasionally be accommodated on shorter notice.
Tony Velasco is the President and CEO of Afterburn Fitness, a Los Angeles based health club and event fitness company. In addition to running Afterburn Fitness, Tony is a motivational speaker and the host of his own podcast show “The Tony V. Project,” which focuses on bringing in guests from all walks of life to discuss how to overcome failure in order to achieve success. Furthermore, Tony is currently working on releasing his first book, “F**K REGRET which establishes a system that teaches you how to prioritize your decisions and actions in order to develop the mindset necessary to succeed – not just in business, but also in life.
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